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Good Faith Appraisals Provides a Diverse Group of Appraisal Products

With over 20 years of appraisal experience, Good Faith Appraisals is in a great position to provide many appraisal products both conventional and FHA including: single family appraisals, 2-4 unit appraisals, condominium appraisals, desktop or hybrid appraisals, drive-by appraisals, appraisal reviews, market analysis, and more...

Single family home

FNMA Form 1004

Single Family Appraisal

This is your garden-variety, standard single-family home appraisal. What is your home worth? We will give you a professional opinion that is trusted by major lenders across the country. An appraisal is an opinion, not a fact. However, it is a very educated opinion. We will inspect and report the characteristics of your home, and compare it to the most similar sales available at the time in your market area. 

Desktop or Hybrid Appraisals

Desktop or Hybrid Appraisals

In today’s market place of appraisal products, one of the fastest growing segments is a desktop or hybrid appraisal. We have been completing different versions of desktop appraisals for over 20 years. Good Faith Appraisals is not afraid to grow with the newer trends in appraisal products. Many banks use their own proprietary forms for these, and that is not a problem for us to complete.

desktop hybrid appraisal
Appraisal review

FNMA form 2000 or 2006

Appraisal Reviews

We have been doing appraisal reviews for over 20 years. We have completed thousands of field reviews and desk reviews. Good Faith Appraisals is one of the most qualified appraisal reviewers in the country. We have the expertise to separate an appraiser from an appraisal report.

FNMA Form 1025

2-4 Unit Duplex Appraisal

A 2 to 4 unit appraisal, for Fannie Mae farm 1025 is a specialized report which requires specialized expertise. We will give you an appraised value based on comparables, rentable bedrooms, gross rent multiplier (GRM), etc. Included in a 1025 form is a comparable rent analysis for your market area.

desktop hybrid appraisal
Appraisal review

FNMA form 1073

Condominium Appraisal

Condos can look like apartments or town homes. The building design does not make a property a condo. A good condominium appraiser will consider comparable, market trends, condo association health, amenities, etc when determining an accurate appraised value.

Desktop form

Comp Check or Market Analysis

Has the old fashion term “comp check“ been outlawed by the appraisal industry? No. Comp checks are fine, and Good Faith Appraisals will do them. The only thing to realize is that a “comp check“ is an appraisal. We can do them on a desktop form , which is convenient for you.

desktop hybrid appraisal

 "The spectrum of service that we receive from appraisers is no different than any other profession. Some are very good, most are not. Good Faith Appraisals has distinguished themselves with our customers for promptly scheduling an appointment and providing a quality appraisal report to us. We feel that working with high quality vendors, like Chris Vasecka, only brings more credibility to us because he treats his work the same way that we treat ours."

Steve Ennis - Sr. Mortgage Loan Originator at CU Mortgage Direct LLC

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